Self-Service Car Wash

Give Your Vehicle A Better Wash!

Being from Montana, we understand just how messy and dirty your vehicle can get. From the mud and dirt, to the salt from the highways, your ride is constantly needing to be washed.  Automatic car washes can’t always reach the places that need rinsing off, so save up your quarters and head on over for a self-service wash.

Our Lewistown car wash is just what you need!

Cost for Upper Bays

Cost for Lower Bays

We just upgraded the upper 4 bays of the car wash with brand new equipment and soap. We also now take credit cards!

Squeaky Clean in as Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Drive Down to the Car Wash

We are easy to find, located at 523 W Main Street in Lewistown, Montana.

2. Pick A Bay and Select Your Wash

We’ve have 6 available car wash bays with 7 different wash options.

3. Rinse off and Drive Away

Head off  to your next stop of the day with a spotless ride.

Rockin’ JA Car and Dog Wash helps you clean your vehicle from top to bottom. Our high pressure water and quality soaps will allow you to get all the dirt, mud, and bugs off your car or pick up. The wax gives your vehicle extra protection and the spot free rinse won’t leave any water stains.

Wash Options

Open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week!