Clean your Vehicle and your Dog!

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Car Wash

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Now accepting credit cards!

Roads around Montana are Dirty!

Most roads around here are off the highway, leaving your vehicle dirty and dusty. If your dog is riding with you then they are probably just as dirty! You’ve tried using the automatic car washes but they just don’t do the job. And cleaning your dog in the bathtub? Forget it! Come visit our Lewistown Montana car wash instead.

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Car Vacuums

City Water Service + Ice Vending

Self Service Car Wash

Dog Wash

Don't Make a Mess Washing Your Dog at Home

Trying to wash your dog at home can be a nightmare. Our dog wash has a platform that allows you to stand up while cleaning your dog. We also have a dryer so your friend doesn’t have to be wet on your way home!

Dog Wash

$5.00 to Start

Accepting cash only.

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Lewistown Montana Car Wash & Dog Wash